Misconduct Policy

  • Do not no-call no-show. If a mentee cannot make a scheduled meeting with their mentor, the mentee must give at least an hour notice before cancelling. If the mentee fails to cancel within a timely manner, they will receive a strike.
  • If a mentee misses 3 consecutive meetings with their mentor, they will be removed from the program with a chance to appeal the decision in a meeting with the CAMP Coordinator.
  • Phone calls are the last resort channel to contact mentees. If the mentee does not respond to the CAMP Coordinator’s emails or text messages, they will then receive a phone call. Mentees must respond to phone calls from the CAMP Coordinator within 7 days. Failure to respond within this time period will result in a strike.
  • Mentees must not defame the character of their mentor to the mentor’s place of work or in a public forum. If a mentor is acting in an unacceptable or improper way, the mentee must report their mentor directly to the CAMP Coordinator.   
  • Any improper or unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. If a mentee engages in this sort of behavior, their mentor may report it to the CAMP Coordinator for resolution.
  • Harassment of a mentor by a mentee is a violation of CAMP policy. This includes (but is not limited to) harassment based on race, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or disability. Punishable harassment is conduct, including verbal conduct, (1) that creates (or will certainly create) a hostile environment by substantially interfering with a mentorship relationship, opportunities, or performance, or with a mentor’s physical or psychological well-being; or (2) that is threatening or seriously intimidating.
  • Sexual harassment is a form of harassment that also violates CAMP policy. Punishable sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance or sexual conduct, including verbal conduct, (1) that is tied to a mentor’s performance or their physical or psychological well-being; (2) that is threatening or seriously intimidating.