Why a Mentorship Program?

The Connection Accelerator Mentorship Program was designed to help students connect with industry professionals to facilitate professional connections and create tangible opportunities where the students can be matched to a mentor that will expose them to professional life in the Pittsburgh Region following graduation.

A strong mentorship program has the power to mutually benefit mentors and mentees:

Students have the opportunity to receive advice, guidance, and perspective from their mentors. Professional Mentors have an opportunity to share their story and invest their time in a rewarding relationship with a student who is eager to learn from them about their industry, profession, and perspective.

Why Is Mentorship Important?

There are countless authorities that validate the significance and value of mentorship. But the easiest way to prove that mentorship is important is to ask yourself, “What advice do I wish someone would have given me when I … graduated from college … first started my career … made a significant career transition?” More than likely you have a number of ideas that come to mind. Imagine how valuable it would have been to be given helpful advice at that time of your life – that value speaks to the power of mentorship. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and advice with someone who is about to embark down the same path you traveled, and this is your chance to help them along the way.