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For Mentees

Mentorship will change the world: Kam Phillips at TEDxCoMo

Positive mentor & mentee relationship have the power to cultivate social change. Every person should be mentored and in turn, mentor the next generation of change agents. Together, we learn from our mistakes, pass wisdom and build a toolbox for a better tomorrow.

How to Stand Out on Your First Day of a New Job

A great read from Fast Company! You should take it seriously, but you don’t have to worry about proving yourself on day one.

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For Mentors

Mentor Orientation and Update Presentation June 2018

Content from the June 25 webinar. Voice recording of the session will be available soon.

Mentoring the Next Generation: Michael Benko at TEDxOU

Featured on ABC and NBC, Michael Benko is the co-founder of the Amazon Best Selling team the Student Success Academy. Michael's focus is to empower the next generation of students through providing personalized education within a creative framework for students to flourish.

How To Be a Great Mentor

There’s a lot of personal satisfaction that comes from watching someone you care about reach his full potential. But as it turns out, mentoring goes far beyond that.

Mentoring to Make a Difference

A brief narrated presentation on how to make a difference by being a mentor - do's and don't to follow, and guidelines for success.

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Mentoring Etiquette

Mentor Mentee Relationship Success